Now that you’ve created a goal there are a couple of ways to allow you to keep track of and communicate progress.

Editing or updating a Goal

  • Edit: You may edit any part of the goal by clicking on the goal and selecting "Edit." Only you can edit goal details.
  • Update progress: You or your manager can update progress with the slider bars. If your goal has Key Results, you may update progress on each one and the overall progress percentage will update. When the progress percentage is > 0%, your goal will automatically move to the In Progress status. Similarly, when your goal reaches 100%, it will automatically transition to Accomplished.
  • Comment: You or your manager may also comment on the goal to add more qualitative context to your percentage completed. The receiver gets notified with an email to comment back.

Drag and Drop

You can also drag and drop a goal to a different status on the Goals overview page to indicate if a goal is In Progress or Accomplished.

Blocked Status

Marking your goal as "blocked" while editing your goal is a way to indicate that there may be circumstances that are blocking progress. This shows up for your manager if it's visible to them and highlights that you or your manager should follow up to discuss ways to move forward.

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