At Zugata, we believe performance development is a continuous and ongoing process. One of the ways we are doing this today is by collecting valuable, 360° feedback from the right people. Our 'People you work with most' algorithm automatically identifies and solicits feedback from the right people so you can better understand your strengths and growth areas. Today we are making it even easier to give feedback or request feedback without leaving your workflow.

Imagine seeing an email in your Microsoft Outlook client from a colleague, which reminds you to give her feedback about a recent presentation she just delivered. Instead of clicking out to get to Zugata, you can now provide more real-time feedback with Zugata's Outlook Add-in and remain in your workflow.

Our Microsoft Outlook Add-in allows you to:

  • Easily give feedback to the people you work with
  • Quickly request feedback from your colleagues
  • Immediately know what your colleagues are working on

Getting Started with Zugata’s Microsoft Outlook Add-in

1. Install the Microsoft Outlook Add-in (Windows Only)

Download and run the installer
for US: Install the US Outlook Add-in, connects with
for EU: Install the EU Outlook Add-in, connects with

2. Open Microsoft Outlook App & Sign in

The Add-in will appear to the right of your window. To start using the Add-in, you must have a Zugata account and login using your Zugata credentials. (Note that Google authentication is not currently operational so please log in with user name and password.)

3. Give feedback to your colleagues

When you open an email from your colleague, your colleagues’ profile will be visible in the Add-in on the right side. You will be able to see her goals and easily give her feedback on her presentation.

4. Request feedback from your colleagues

You could also easily request feedback by asking a specific question on how you could continue to grow.

5. See your own goals

When you are not viewing a colleague’s profile, you will be able to see your own goals and keep yourself accountable on these action items you plan to accomplish.

All in all, we’re making it easier for you to give realtime feedback without leaving your workflow.

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