Admins and HRBPs can manage evaluations to track progress and identify who needs additional follow up. There are several views that can help with calibrating different segments of your employees. 

Managing an Evaluation

Exporting Evaluation Results in a CSV

When you are ready to export your results for further analysis, you can select the cycle to view the evaluation summary and click on the settings menu ("...") to download the csv. Filters that have been selected will be reflected in the csv. 

Sharing an Evaluation

  • These are only sharable if you enable sharing, which is accessible underneath the question selection. You can enable this whenever you'd like (as soon as managers have completed their responses or after you have closed the cycle and locked in the responses).
  • When sharing is enabled, managers will get an in-app notification that evaluations can be shared. While most encourage managers to share evaluations themselves, Admins and HRBPs can also share evaluations on behalf of managers on the Admin side of the app. 

Ending an Evaluation

Ending an evaluation will render all of the evaluation contents as view-only.

  • Go to the upper right-hand corner of the page and click on the "..."
  • Choose "End Evaluation"
  • If you have not enabled Sharing yet, select whether or not you'd like to allow managers to share their evaluations.
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