Starting the evaluations

  • Click on the Inbox notification at the top for any outstanding evaluations or head to "Employee Evaluations" on the side navigation
  • Select an evaluation marked as "In Session".

Evaluating your team

  • A list of your direct reports in this cycle will appear on the right, along with the ability to view each employee's profile. This is helpful to reference previous feedback, self reflections, evaluations, goals or your private notes about them.
  • Your responses are auto-saved (you can return to your work) until you are ready to submit. You can jump to another evaluation and respond in any order.
  • You are also able to edit your responses after you submit until your Admin closes the cycle. 
  • Any question with an asterisk (*) could be shared with the direct report by you or the Admin.

After you are done evaluating your team, you will have the opportunity to see all employees reporting up to you (indirect and direct reports). Additionally, it is possible to filter through employees to focus on certain assessment groups.


You also have the ability to get another set of eyes on your evaluations. We allow managers or admins to add collaborators to individual evaluations. Maybe a newly assigned evaluating manager needs insight from a previous manager or a manager is new to evaluations and could use some guidance, in any of those cases we have your back.

To add a collaborator:

  • From the evaluation dashboard, select the "..." menu on an individual's row.
  • This will pull up a side drawer on the right where you can identify multiple different people to add as collaborators.
  • Add a note to give context for the addition of that coworker as to why they're being added as a collaborator and click "add".

After adding someone as a collaborator: 

  • It will show up in the collaborator's Zugata notifications and an email notification will be sent out as well. 
  • Once given access, they will have the opportunity to comment on each question within the evaluation as seen below. 
  • At any time you can add or remove Collaborators and when removed, their comments will persist, but they no longer have access to the evaluation.

Once notes have been submitted, the manager will also receive a notification and it will show up underneath the question. These are not visible to anyone outside of the manager or HR admins and don't get shared with the direct when the manager shares an evaluation.

Sharing evaluations

The HR team can choose to enable the share button for managers. When that is enabled, managers can share responses to evaluation questions marked with an asterisk (*). 

The user flow is as follows:

  • Navigate to "My Team"
  • Click on "Team Evaluations" and find the cycle you're interested in sharing.
  • You'll find the arrow icons next to each individual evaluation for your directs. If you click on that one, it will share it individually and give you a preview.
  • If you'd like a PDF or printable version of your Evaluation, click on the "..." icon on that direct's row.
  • Optional: You can share evaluations with your entire team by clicking on the arrow icon to the left of the column marked "Employee". This will show the questions that will be shared, but will not generate a preview.
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