These instructions are only valid if you're using a password authorization to access Zugata. If you're using Google Sign On or a Single Sign On solution, this will not work. To change your password for those, you'll need to do it through their platforms. If you are logging into Zugata for the first time and your company is using passwords for authentication, this is how to proceed.

Step One: Reset Password

  • Navigate to
  • Input your company email
  • Click “Reset My Password"

Step 2. Email Notification

  • Navigate to your email inbox and find the email from Zugata
  • Click on the link found in the password reset email
  • Enter your new password and confirm it, then click “Change Password”

Step 3: Logging In - After Reset

Re-enter your email. For security reasons we make it so that you need to type in your email again. After typing in the email:

  • Enter your password that you inputted
  • Click “Let me In”
  • Accept ToS then you’ll be at the dashboard.


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