We now support organizational goal alignment so that employees can align their individual goals with department and company goals, helping to both build transparency and focus efforts on a common purpose. If an employee is working on a cross-functional project in support of an adjacent department's goal, they can align to other departments' goals as well. Each department manager can also align departmental goals to those of the company.

How to Align Your Individual Goals

If you don't have any pre-existing goals, check out our article on creating them. If you have already added your goals in Zugata, and your company has created Department or Company goals you'll have access to this feature.

  • Go to "Me" and click on "Goals"
  • Select a Goal and click "Edit"
  • Scroll down until you see the goal alignment options. You can add multiple company or department alignments.
  • Click "Save", this will finalize the goal alignment

From here you'll have the ability to search department goals within your department as well as company goals to add your goal to it. This will create a link to the goal so that you can see where it fits into the company's overarching objectives along the path to completing it.

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