Create new user accounts and edit existing users through the bulk CSV upload on the admin interface, allowing you to take control of your organization's user management without the need for Zugata support. This is available to "Admins" and "User Managers" within Zugata.

Explanation of Mandatory Fields:

  • Employee ID: Employee ID is the main identifier for an employee and must be unique. When updating other user fields, the user account is referenced through the Employee ID. You can update Employee ID by choosing a new unique ID for that account; in which case, Work Email will be used to identify the user's account.
  • First Name: First Name of the employee
  • Last Name: Last Name of the employee
  • Work Email: Email of the employee, which must be unique
  • Department: Department of the employee
  • Job Title: Job Title of the employee
  • Manager Email: Manager's email, leave cell blank if there is no manager for an individual. Do not have them report to themselves.
  • Deactivated On: Leave this blank if the employee is active. To deactivate users in bulk, you may add a deactivation date [YYYY-MM-DD] or 'x' to identify deactivated accounts. Deactivated users no longer have access to Zugata; however, their historical user data remains on the platform.

How to Upload:

  1. Log into Zugata and navigate to "Admin Settings"
  2. Click on "Users"
  3. Click on the "..." menu
  4. Choose "Upload users"
  5. Download the default CSV and populate with user data
  6. Once finished, click "Upload CSV" and choose the completed CSV
  7. You'll receive a summary email updating you as to the state of the upload: Completed, Warnings Identified (requires user to manually proceed from the Upload Users page), or Errors Identified (upload terminated)
  8. A summary of warnings and errors can be viewed from the Upload Users pageĀ 


  • A CSV of warnings and errors can be downloaded from the Upload Users page
  • While a user can choose to proceed with the upload regardless of warnings, errors will terminate the upload and require correction prior to re-uploading the CSV
  • Errors and warnings are identified by CSV row number, Employee Email and Employee ID, when applicable

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