In addition to bulk CSV uploads, you may add users individually through the Admin interface, as well as edit existing user profiles.

New User:

  1. Log into Zugata and navigate to "Admin Settings"
  2. Click on "Users"
  3. Click on the "..." menu
  4. Choose "Add User"

Add the following user attributes:

  • Employee ID: Employee ID is the main identifier for an employee and must be unique. When updating other user fields, the user account is referenced through the Employee ID. You can update Employee ID by choosing a new unique ID for that account; in which case, Work Email will be used to identify the user's account.
  • First Name: First Name of the employee
  • Last Name: Last Name of the employee
  • Work Email: Email of the employee, which must be unique
  • Department: Department of the employee
  • Job Title: Job Title of the employee
  • Reports To: Search for an existing user to assign as this user's manager. If they don't have a manager, leave it blank.
  • Assign Roles: You can assign roles, such as Admin, HRBP and Department Head, while creating an individual user


  • Employee ID can only be updated via CSV upload
  • New Departments and Job Titles can be created by typing a new item into the form field and clicking "Create option"
  • "User Managers" have access to this feature, and may add users, but they cannot alter the permissions for users. This is reserved for Admins on the account.

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