Start Requesting Feedback

  • Click on "My Team"
  • "Request Team Feedback"
  • Open the right-hand side-drawer to target a direct you can do this by clicking anywhere on it. This will display the full names of your directs to target as the subject of the manager requested feedback.
  • Under "from:" search for that direct's peers you can add more than one person to send out multiple requests at the same time.

Targeting Groups

  • "Request from my other directs" Add in all your other directs then pare down the list¬†
  • "Request from <name>'s directs" If your direct is a manager, you can target their directs for "upward feedback".

Tracking Feedback

  • From the "Request Team Feedback" interface
  • Click on "Feedback History"

Other features include:

  • Time period filters of 30 days, 3 months, 6 months or choose a custom range
  • Completion rates
  • View request status sorted by direct with individual completion stats, skipped stats and identifies the outstanding feedback¬†
  • Direct access to view given feedback from this dashboard.


  • Admins on the account and HRBPs assigned to the person's department. The exception to this rule is if there's any Manager Requested Feedback where the Admin or HRBP is the subject, they will not be able to see it unless it has been shared with them by the author.
  • Managers and indirect managers will be able to view this feedback.
  • Only Managers have the ability to comment on this feedback, but indirect managers will be able to view the comments.
  • The author of the Manager Requested Feedback will be able to view and feedback that they have submitted under "Me" > "Feedback" > "Sent Feedback".
  • The subject will be able to see the Manager Requested feedback ONLY if the author chooses to share their Manager Requested Feedback with the subject of the feedback. There will be a checkbox at the bottom of the feedback submission area where they can choose this option.

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