Receiving Notifications:

A couple of things happen when you receive feedback. Generally you'll receive an email notification telling you that someone gave you feedback. This notification will also show up in your Zugata inbox. Either way, both will lead you to a neatly wrapped piece of feedback to open. This can either be a quick note or a skills review. To open the feedback it costs 10 Zugi points.

Now that you've read your feedback:

  • You can "like" the feedback and/or comment on the feedback. If you comment on the feedback, this will send an email notification as well as a Zugata inbox notification that you've commented on this feedback. Asking for context, clarification or even suggesting an in person conversation are all great ideas!
  • You can also share this with anyone at the company and add a note for context.

A couple of things to note:

  • This is continuous feedback, so this is only visible by you and the person who gave you the feedback
  • If you have anonymous feedback turned on, and an admin decides to switch to named feedback, any past feedback that was anonymous will remain anonymous.
  • If you have points enabled it costs 10 Zugi points to open a piece of feedback.

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