Our Continuous Feedback module allows you to request feedback from your peers. This also helps our algorithm create stronger relationships within Zugata so we can make more informed decisions with our automated feedback notifications. To do this it's fairly simple. Let's check it out!

Finding the Co-worker

  • Go to "My Company"
  • Click on "Everyone", from there you can either do a search by name, email or just scroll down the page.
  • When hovering over "Request Feedback" click that.

Another option:

  • From the home page, click on "Request Feedback"
  • This will take you to the same interface above to ask the open ended question.

A couple things to note:

  • You can request feedback from multiple people about yourself at the same time.
  • Requesting feedback about yourself will trigger a skills review, followed by the customized question that you sent out.

Questions? Let us know at support@zugata.com.

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