Self Reflections help you to take a brief pause and share your achievements, struggles, how you want to grow and how you can get help at your company.

Self Reflections are shared with your manager so that you can engage in a dialogue to acknowledge achievements and chart a path to move forward.

Writing your self reflection

  • When a self reflection goes live, it will show up as a "To Do" item in your Inbox. You can also access this under the sidebar menu under "Me" > "Self Reflections".
  • We auto-save your responses every five seconds so feel free to take your time to respond. You can return and complete it before the end date. 
  • When you submit, your responses become read-only and are sent to your manager. You may add comments later but cannot edit the submitted text.
  • Dossier If you have access to our Goals or Continuous Feedback modules, you'll be able to see them to the right of the Self Reflection as you're writing.

Tracking your self reflection

  • You can find your self reflection under "Me" > "Self Reflection".
  • From there you or your manager will be able to use the text areas to add comments.

That's the gist of how to complete your Self Reflection. Click on the link below to navigate directly to your Self Reflections.

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