Similar to a "Quick Comment" reviewing one of your coworkers' can also entail giving them feedback on skills cards. These are customizable cards that will generally be broken down into three categories: company culture, interpersonal interactions, and job related functions. This can happen passively, where we select people for you to give feedback to or actively, where you select who you'd like to give feedback to. To get started on doing this it's fairly easy. Let's walk through it.

What to Expect When Giving Continuous Feedback:

  • Starting from the home screen, click on "Give Feedback"
  • Generally, you'll see approximately 10 skills to review, these are to be designated as "Rocking it" or "Getting There"
  • After reviewing skills, you'll see a written feedback area. Go ahead and fill that out before submitting.
  • You always have the ability to "skip" so if you truly don't have any feedback for the person, it's 100% ok to use that function.

Targeting people for Continuous Feedback:

  • Go to "My Company"
  • Click on "Everyone", from there you can either do a search by name, email or just scroll down the page.
  • When hovering on the profile find the star to pull out "Review Skills"
  • Click on "Review Skills"
  • This will take you to an area that pulls up skills cards and allows you to rate your co-worker and leave them some written feedback.

A couple of things to note:

  • "Rocking It" means that they're at the top of the heap and have mentoring capabilities when it comes to this skill. They know it like the back of their hand.
  • "Getting There" means that they're approaching greatness, but asking for some help on how to improve wouldn't hurt.
  • You'll also receive automatic email notifications to prompt giving feedback. These will come on average once per week.

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