Start Requesting Feedback

  • Click on "My Team"
  • "Request Team Feedback"
  • Open the right-hand side-drawer to target a direct you can do this by clicking anywhere on it. This will display the full names of your directs to target as the subject of the manager requested feedback.
  • Under "from:" search for that direct's peers you can add more than one person to send out multiple requests at the same time.

Targeting Groups

  • "Request from my other directs" Add in all your other directs then pare down the list¬†
  • "Request from <name>'s directs" If your direct is a manager, you can target their directs for "upward feedback".

Tracking Feedback

  • From the "Request Team Feedback" interface
  • Click on "Feedback History"

Other features include:

  • Time period filters of 30 days, 3 months, 6 months or choose a custom range
  • Completion rates
  • View request status sorted by direct with individual completion stats, skipped stats and identifies the outstanding feedback¬†
  • Direct access to view given feedback from this dashboard.

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